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"Systems" product lines include high performance controllers, upgrade packages to enhance the performance of existing machines, as well as complete control systems for OEM applications and to retrofit existing machine controls.
  Upgrade Packages

The HSL (High Speed Logic package) and HSM (High Speed Module) products are upgrade packages that can be added to existing machine controls to reduce scrap, increase production, and reduce maintenance and downtime. Packages for cuppers, bodymakers, decorators, spray machines, light testers, fillers and seamers are available.

Complete Control Systems

Complete machine control systems either for new OEM machines or to replace obsolete existing machine controls are also available. Incorporating the same technology as the upgrade packages, these state of the art control systems simplify the machine control from a maintenance stand-point while at the same time increase total system performance.

High Performance Controllers

The M4500 product line consists of a series of high performance Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with built-in Programmable Limit Switches (PLS). Sub-millisecond scan times, high speed PLS tracking rates, and integrated motion control provide extremely accurate control for the most demanding machine control applications.

Signal Conditioner Modules

The M200 is a family of specialized signal conditioner modules which is used to condition or convert signals to be processed by the M4500 or any PLC or controller. Frequency-to-voltage conversion, optical isolators to convert AC to DC, sink to source, source to sink, as well as a high speed solenoid driver are typical examples of the M200 family.

Original (Predecessor) PLC Product Lines

The S3000, M4000, and D4110 PLC/PLS product lines are predecessors to the M4500 which are still fully supported. These lines consist of high performance programmable logic controllers and programmable limit switches packaged either in a rack/chassis format (S3000) or as pre-configured modules (M4000 and D4110)