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Complete Control Systems
The SYStem product line consists of a line of complete control systems either for new OEM machines or to replace obsolete existing machine controls to reduce scrap, increase quality, and increase efficiency. These are complete control systems which provide control for all the functions of the machine including the high speed critical control, main drive control, alarm monitoring, operator status messaging, line control interface, data collection, etc.

The standard systems are provided with a stand-alone M4500 PLC/PLS to perform all the machine control functions. As an option, the systems can be ordered with an M4500 HSM/HSL front-end used in conjunction with a PLC brand of the user's choice to perform the slower speed non-critical control functions. These systems generally include a main NEMA 12 logic/power cabinet with an operator's console painted to the customers specification.

For two-piece can making lines, systems are available for: Cuppers, Bodymakers, Basecoaters, Decorators, Inside Spray machines, Light Testers, and Line Controls. The links on this page provide information on our standard control systems. However, any of these systems can easily be customized to address additional requirements you may have for your particular machine control. If you have a control problem not addressed by the products listed or would like additional information on Systems Engineering's capabilities, please contact us.


SYStem Product Line:

Inside Spray Machines
Light Testers
Line Controls

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