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Line Controls

Custom line control systems can also be provided. These systems are designed specifically for the requirements of individual can lines based on the customers criteria. Separate power and logic cabinets as well as operator PB stations can be supplied.

These systems incorporate complete engineering and programming for conveying control, machine interlocks (standby, run, etc.) as well as production count data acquisition. In addition to the M4500, PLCs which can be used for line control include all major PLC brands such as A-B, Modicon, Siemens/TI, etc.

In addition to providing the engineering, programming, and actual panels, Systems Engineering can supply complete start-up and commissioning services to test and tune the line controls as necessary. This assures that line control, which is the heart of a well running can line, functions optimally.

For complete details on the line control services Systems Engineering can provide, please contact us.

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