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Inside Spray Machines

The following system is available for inside spray machines:

SYS-SM: Inside Spray Gun Control System

This package can be installed on any type of inside spray machine including: Reynolds, Fisher, Crown Cork & Seal, etc.

SYS-SM: Inside Spray Gun Control System
  • Complete control for all machine functions including: indexing drives, spinner drives, spray gun control, gun cleaning solenoid control, can gate, all alarm monitoring, line control interface, etc.
  • Based on HSL-SM8 technology.
  • Reduces product cost by optimizing coating usage with precise and fine adjustment of spray time, and thus spray weight.
  • Improved quality by providing highly repeatable and accurate spray gun control and thus uniform film weight.
  • Stand alone package used to implement spray gun control for up to eight inside spray machines each equipped with up to three spray guns (wet on wet plus bottom spray).
  • Custom packaged in NEMA 12 enclosure based on the number of spray guns to be controlled (up to 144" x 72" x 18"). Enclosure contains spray timer PLC(s), high speed solenoid drivers, solenoid power supplies, spray time adjust display/keypad, indexing and spinner starters, etc.
  • Supplied with single speed indexing and spinner starters standard. Optional Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for both indexing and spinner motors available.
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SYStem Product Line:

Inside Spray Machines
Light Testers
Line Controls

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