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Cupping Presses

The following systems are available for cupping presses:

SYS-CUP7: Cupping Press Control System

This system can be installed on Minster, Sequa (Standun), and Redicon cuppers.

SYS-CUP1: Cupping Press Control System
  • Complete control for all machine functions including: main drive, clutch solenoids, air strip solenoids, die jam/cup jam detection, all alarm monitoring, line control interface, etc.
  • Based on HSM-CUP7 technology.
  • Reduces tooling damage by accurately detecting die jams/cup jams on up to 16-out presses. De-activates the clutch at TDC to prevent additional stroking at detection of die fault on any station.
  • Provides repeatable air strip control to prevent air stripping and blow-out problems.
  • Accurately controls clutch with brake wear compensation algorithm to stop press at TDC regardless of brake response.
  • Supplied with 108" x 72" x 18" NEMA 12 Power/Logic cabinet with separate Operator's Console.
  • 2-Line x 20 Character Alphanumeric status/alarm display supplied standard upgradeable to a Touch-Screen panel.
  • Can be used on virtually all types of cupping presses.
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