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High Performance Controllers Overview
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The M4500 is a family of "fast" controllers designed for high performance machine applications which cannot be adequately handled by standard Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). It provides a modular architecture which can be configured to handle critical control requirements for a wide variety of small to medium range high speed production applications. It's small form factor and rugged construction makes this system a cost effective and reliable solution for system upgrades as well as for OEMs on new and rebuilt equipment.

Flexible System Architecture

The M4500 is a high performance Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with an optional built-in high performance Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) with advanced features that interfaces with a rugged machine mounted resolver. Discrete DC input and output boards, Analog I/O boards, plus communication and motion control boards allow the user to configure the system to the I/O requirements of the machine. A display/keypad is available to allow monitoring of production data as well as adjusting set-up parameters. The specific control algorithm is accomplished through the use of SYSdev, our unique software programming package. This flexibility allows the user to tailor a high performance critical function controller without having to resort to a black box solution.

Wide Range of Configurations

The M4500 can be configured for a specific application as either a PLC, PLS, PLC /PLS, or PLC/PLS/Motion Controller. The basic configuration consists of a PLC CPU mounted in either a 3, 4, 8, or 12 slot chassis together with an integrated or separate power supply. Using 32-point inputs and 16-point outputs, this allows local control of up to 320 I/O points. Using the optional communications board, up to 32 M4500 modules can be networked together.

The CPU contains built-in I/O including two digital interrupt inputs, two analog inputs, two analog outputs and a parallel interface for the optional display/keypad. The PLS section, which is fully integrated into the CPU, can be set for either 8, 16, 32 or 64 timing channels with a scale factor up to 4096. The motion control features allow multiple axis servo motion control using either resolver or encoder feedback. Versions for either door mounting or back-panel mounting are available.

Efficient CPU and Program Structure

The M4500 is a compiler based system utilizing advanced Intel MCS-96 microcontrollers. These CPUs provide fast logic solve times to provide sub-millisecond throughputs. SYSdev is an integrated software tool which is used to program the PLC, PLS, display/keypad, communication, and motion control processors. The SYSdev programming language allows PLC program files to be written in blocks of ladder, high-level (subset of "C"), and assembly.

The program structure of the M4500 provides a user adjustable timed interrupt to implement critical function control as well as user functions (subroutines) to implement complex tasks . A library containing a wide variety of pre-written user functions is available which enables enhanced features of the M4500. Drivers are available to implement MODBUS and Allen-Bradley DF1 communication protocols. Comprehensive fault detection and hardware confidence test routines are embedded as well.

M4500 Product Line:

General System Features
System Configurations

PLC Section
Interrupt Inputs
Built-in Analog I/O
Diagnostics/Fault Detection

PLS Section
PLS Channel Programming
Advanced PLS Features

Digital I/O Boards
Analog I/O Boards
Communications Boards
Motion Control Boards
Power Supply
SYSdev Program
Development Software

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