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M4500 General System Features

The M4500 requires a minimum of control cabinet space and versions are available for either door or back-panel mounting in NEMA 12 class cabinets. Modular packaging utilizing removable field wiring arms provides for convenient initial installation, reconfiguration of I/O, as well as easy field maintenance.

Features common to all versions of the M4500:

  • High performance Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with optional built-in Programmable Limit Switch (PLS).
  • Modular form factor allows user configurable I/O with 16 and 32 point DC inputs, 16 point DC outputs, Analog I/O, communications, and motion control boards.
  • Optional display/keypad with 2 line X 40 character back-lit LCD display and 24 key keypad for operator interface.
  • 32K bytes battery-backed CMOS RAM user program memory and 8K bytes data memory.
  • High Performance: 0.25 msec per 1K typical scan time with throughputs as low as 80 microseconds. Resolver PLS tracking rates up to 6,000 RPM.
  • Programmed with SYSdev, windows or DOS based software package which allows programming in ladder, high-level ("C"), and assembly, as well as programming of the PLS section timing channels.
  • Interfaces to windows or DOS based laptops or desktops via RS-232 COM port for program down-load and on-line monitoring.
  • Two additional 10-30VDC digital interrupt inputs.
  • Built-in analog I/O: Two 0-5 volt 10-bit analog inputs and two 0-10 volt 8-bit analog outputs.
  • PLS section incorporates either 8, 16, 32, or 64 timing channels, programmable scale factor between 2 and 4096, up to 8 PLS programs, and speed compensation on the first 8 timing channels.

For more information, download the complete M45xx Data Sheet.

M4500 Product Line:

General System Features
System Configurations

PLC Section
Interrupt Inputs
Built-in Analog I/O
Diagnostics/Fault Detection

PLS Section
PLS Channel Programming
Advanced PLS Features

Digital I/O Boards
Analog I/O Boards
Communications Boards
Motion Control Boards
Power Supply
SYSdev Program
Development Software

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