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Analog I/O Boards

The analog I/O boards provide extended features and capabilities beyond the built-in analog of the M4500. These boards can be installed in any vacant slot in the M4500 chassis and are slot addressed by a dip switch on the board. The following analog I/O boards are currently available:

S4580: 4 Analog Inputs and 4 Analog Outputs

S4580: 4 Analog Inputs and 4 Analog Outputs:
  • 4 single-ended analog input points
  • 14-bit, bipolar analog-to-digital conversion on inputs
  • Input range: -10V to +10V
  • 15 microsecond per input conversion time
  • 4 single ended analog output points
  • 12-bit, bipolar digital-to-analog conversion on outputs
  • Output range: -10V to +10V
  • 10 microsecond per output conversion time
  • Flexible I/O update to facilitate a wide variety of applications
  • Removable field wiring connector
  • Can be installed in any M4500 I/O slot
  • Compatible with all M4500 versions (M4500 thru M4513)
  • Occupies one I/O slot
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