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Upgrade Packages
The HSM and HSL product lines consist of a series of electronic control upgrades for two-piece can making and filling machinery designed to reduce scrap, increase quality, and increase efficiency. These electronic upgrades are designed to interface with the existing control system, providing control for the critical portions of the machine. Both the HSM and HSL product lines perform the same machine control functions with the difference being in the packaging only.

The HSM product line consists of door or console mountable modules with a built-in keypad/display and all necessary I/O to implement the respective control. The HSL product line consists of the modules mounted on pre-wired sub-panels for installation inside the existing user's control cabinet. The HSM modules provide the lowest cost solution while requiring more installation effort by the end user while the HSL sub-panels decrease installation time by providing a significant amount of pre-wiring built into the product.

For two-piece can making lines, packages are available for: Cuppers, Bodymakers, Basecoaters, Decorators, Inside Spray machines, Necker/Flangers and Light Testers. For fill lines, packages are available for Fillers (no can/no fill) and Seamers (no can/no lid). The links on this page provide information on our standard electronic control upgrade packages. However, any of these standard products can be easily customized to address additional requirements you may have for your particular machine control. If you have a control problem not addressed by the products listed or would like additional information on Systems Engineering's capabilities, please contact us.

HSM/HSL Product Line:

Inside Spray Machines
Light Testers

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