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Fillers / Seamers

The following packages are available for beverage filling and seaming machines. For price and availability, please contact us.

HSM-NCNF: No-Container / No-Fill High Speed Logic Module

HSM-NCNF: No-Container / No-Fill High Speed Logic Module
  • Performs high speed No Can/No Fill lockout solenoid control for beverage filling machines or No Can/No Lid lockout solenoid control for beverage end seaming machines.
  • Speed compensated lockout solenoid control provides accurate lockout to speeds in excess of 2,400 CPM.
  • Auto lockout response calibration automatically determines both extend and retract lockout response time.
  • Alarm detection including infeed jam, low infeed, discharge jam, timing sensor fail, and lockout response too long.
  • Data acquisition including total number of containers filled and total number of lockouts.
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