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HSM/HSL Upgrade Packages (High Speed Logic packages / High Speed Modules):
HSL-CUP3: Cupping Press HSL (with-out die protection)
HSL-CUP4: Cupping Press HSL (with die protection)
HSM-CUP7: Cupping Press HSM

Bodymakers (Wall-ironers):
HSL-WI3: Standun (Sequa) Bodymaker HSL
HSL-WI4: CMB Bodymaker HSL
HSL-WI5: Ragsdale (Alcoa-APM) Bodymaker HSL
HSL-WISCUP: Ragsdale (Alcoa-APM) Bodymaker Servo Cupfeed control
HSM-WI7: Standun (Sequa) Bodymaker HSM

Decorators (Printers) / Basecoaters:
HSL-CCSD1: Crown Cork & Seal (CC&S) Decorator HSL
HSL-CD4: Rutherford (Sequa) Decorator / Basecoater HSL
HSL-DC5: Ragsdale (Alcoa-APM) Decorator / Basecoater HSL
HSL-DUCTOR: Decorator Pneumatic Ductor Control
HSM-CD7: Rutherford (Sequa) Decorator / Basecoater HSM
HSM-DC8: Ragsdale (Alcoa-APM) Decorator / Basecoater HSL

Inside Spray Machines (Inside Coaters):
HSL-SM4X3: Inside Spray Gun Control (Four three-gun machines)
HSL-SM6X2: Inside Spray Gun Control (Three two-gun machines)
HSL-SM8: Inside Spray Gun Control (Eight single-gun machines)

HSL-ANCNF: Rexam Necker/Flanger HSL

Light Testers:
HSL-LTA: Alcoa (Randolph/Borden's) Light Tester Pneumatic Reject (aluminum can)
HSL-LTS: Alcoa (Randolph/Borden's) Light Tester Pneumatic Reject (steel can)
HSL-RT6-M45: Reynolds RT-5/RT-6 Light Tester control

Fillers / Seamers:
HSM-NCNF: No-Container / No-Fill HSM

HSM/HSL Data sheets
HSM/HSL User's Manuals
HSM/HSL Set-up Programs

Control Systems:
Cuppers (Cupping Presses)
Bodymakers (Wall-ironers)
Decorators (Printers)
Inside Spray Machines (Inside Coaters)
Light Testers
Line Controls


M4500 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) / Programmable Limit Switch (PLS)
M4500: 4-I/O slot PLC/PLS
M4501: 4-I/O slot PLC
M4502: 3-I/O slot PLC/Display
M4503: 3-I/O slot PLC/PLS/Display
M4508: 8-I/O slot PLC/PLS
M4509: 8-I/O slot PLC
M4510: 8-I/O slot PLC/PLS/Motion controller
M4512: 12-I/O slot PLC/PLS/Motion controller
M4513: 12-I/O slot PLC
M4530: 8-I/O slot PLC/PLS/PMT Interface
S4516: Serial Communications board
S4516-DF1: Communications board with imbedded A-B DF1 Protocol
S4520-RDC: Motion Control Co-CPU with resolver feedback
S4520-ENC: Motion Control Co-CPU with encoder feedback
S4560: 32-point digital Input board
I4560-DCH: 16-point 10-30VDC Input module (sourcing)
S4563: 16-point 10-30VDC Input board (sourcing)
S4568: 8-In/8-Out 10-30VDC I/O Board (sourcing-0.5Amp output current)
S4268: 8-In/8-Out 10-30VDC I/O Board (sourcing-5.0Amp output current)
S4569: 4 Differential Inputs, 4 Bi-directional sinking I/O, 4 sinking Outputs
S4573: 16-point 10-30VDC Output Board (sourcing-0.5Amp output current)
S4273: 16-point 10-30VDC Output Board (sourcing-5.0Amp output current)
S4580: 4 Analog Inputs and 4 Analog Outputs
D4591: Keypad/Display
P4500: Power Supply
RS-232 Cable and Pin-out for M4500
RSV34-MS1: Resolver with MS connector
SYSdev Program Development Software

S3016-505:Communications CO-CPU board for use with Siemens/TI 545

M4500 Data Sheets


M200 Signal Conditioner Modules
M230: Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
M231: Frequency-to-Voltage Converter with Offset
M240: Resolver Isolation Module
M245: Quadrature Encoder Signal Converter
M263: Opto-Isolator Module (three-section)
M273: High Speed Solenoid Driver

M200 Data sheets


Original PLC Product Lines
S3004CHR: 4-I/O slot Rack/Chassis (64 I/O max)
S3008CHR: 8-I/O slot Rack/Chassis (128 I/O max)
S3016CHR: 16-I/O slot Rack/Chassis (256 I/O max)
PS3007: Power Supply
S3012-BR: Processor Board
S3016: Communications CO-CPU
S3021: Intelligent I/O Board (Timing Advance)
S3022: Intelligent I/O Board (Axis Positioning)
S3024: Intelligent I/O Board (General Co-CPU applications)
S3041: Resolver Interface/PLS
S3063: 16-point 10-30VDC Input (source)
S3064: 16-point 10-30VDC Input (sink)
S3065: 16-point 120VAC Input
S3073: 16-point 10-30VDC/1 Amp Output (source)
S3074: 16-point 10-30VDC/1 Amp Output (sink)
S3075: 16-point 120VAC/.75 Amp Output
S3076: 8-point 120VAC/1 Amp Isolated Output
S3077: Dual 4-to-1 Reed Relay Multiplexer
S3080: 4-In/4-Out Analog I/O Board
M4010: PLC with 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs
M4011: PLC with 32 Inputs and 16 Outputs
M4012: PLC with 24 Inputs and 24 Outputs
M4020: PLC/PLS with 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs and 16 PLS Timing Channel Outputs
M4030: PLC with 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs and PMT Interface CO-CPU
M4031: PLC with 8 Inputs, 24 Outputs and PMT Interface CO-CPU
M4040: 16 Timing Channel PLS Module
M4041: 32 Timing Channel PLS Module
M1771-4021: PLC/PLS with 16 Inputs, 16 Outputs and 16 PLS Timing Channel Outputs

D4110: PLC module with built-in Keypad/Display